Music for Photo Videos

​Austin Photo Videos

We use licensed, original music, in our photo videos which may be used for public presentation, not just private use.  This means we may upload our videos to cloud storage for viewing and not be in violation of copyright infringement laws that come from using protected music.  Click on a song title below to preview the song.  

If you want to include a song that is copyrighted, we can purchase and download the song from Itunes (or another site) and use it in the show as long as the video is intended for private use. See below for more information and a suggested song list.

Use Legally-Purchased Music

If you prefer to use your own music, we can purchase the song from a site such as Itunes. Copyright laws regarding music are stringent. DVDs created with your personal licensed music are for private use only. We can only send them to you with the understanding that they are not intended for public presentation, you will not charge a fee to view them, and they will not be duplicated or used for any purpose other than for the customer’s private use.

Suggested song list:

Slideshow Song Suggestions.pdf